Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology

Faculty & Staff


Nagarkatti, Mitzi, Ph.D. 803-216-3404 Home Page
SmartState Endowed Chair of Center for Cancer Drug Discovery

Carolina Distinguished Professor

Chair, Dept. of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology

Catroppo, James Fredrick, MD 803-216-3407 Home Page
Clinical Assistant Professor    

Chatzistamou, Ioulia, MD, PhD 803- 216-3467 Home Page
Clinical Assistant Professor    
Associate Professor    

Colpitts, Tonya, Ph.D.
803-216-3421 Home Page
Assistant Professor    

Gomez, Gregorio 803-216-3461 Home Page
Assistant Professor    

Karan, Dev, Ph.D. 803-216-3410 Home Page
Assistant Professor                                                 

Kubinak, Jason, Ph.D. 803-216-3421 Home Page
Assistant Professor                                                 

McMahon, Carol, M.D.. 803-216-3608 Home Page
Clinical Associate Professor    

Murphy, Angela, Ph.D. 803-216-3414 Home Page
Assistant Professor    

Nagarkatti, Prakash, Ph.D. 803-777.5458 Home Page
VP for Research, Carolina Distinguished Professor    

Oskeritzian, Carole A., Ph.D. 803 216-3462 Home Page
Assistant Professor    

Wheeler, Christine, M.D. 803-216-3477 Home Page
Clinical Assistant Professor

Pirisi-Creek, Lucia, M.D. 803-216-3419 Home Page

Ray, Swapan, Ph.D. 803-216-3420 Home Page

Singh, Narendra P., Ph.D. 803-216-3422 Home Page
Research Professor    

Singh, Udai, Ph.D. 803-216-3423 Home Page
Research Associate Professor &    
Assistant Director of Flow Cyometry & Cell Sorting Facility    

Startz, Robert, Ph.D.
803-216-3406 Home Page
Clinical Assistant Professor    

Testerman, Traci, Ph.D.
803-216-3409 Home Page
Assistant Professor    

Xiaoming Yang, Ph.D. 803-216-3444  
Research Assistant Professor    

Affiliate Faculty

Brownlee, Noel A., M.D.    

Gangemi, J. David, Ph.D., Research Professor    

Henderson, Hoke, F., M.D., Clinical Professor    

Marcus, Bradley J., M.D.    


Khandkar, Syeedur R., M.S. 803-216-3403  
Pathology Course Coordinator and Department Laboratory Manager    

Akers, Tina 803-216-3401  
Business Manager    

Faulling, Lee Ann 803-216-3400  
Office Manager    

Holt, Nicole 803-216-3402  
Administrative Assistant    

Whisenant, Margaret 803-216-3415  
Administrative Specialist    

Post Doctoral Fellows

Busbee, Philip, Ph.D.  803-216-3425  

Chakrabarti, Mrinmay, Ph.D.   803-216-3450  

Chitrala, Kumaraswamy Naidu, Ph.D. 803-216-3429  

Dubey, Seema, Ph.D.  803-216-3410  

Enos, Reilly, Ph.D.  803-216-3448  

Gandy, Alexa, Ph.D.  803-216-3435  

Makobongo, Morris, Ph.D. 803-216-3409   

Marpe Bam, Ph.D. 803-216-3444  

Yvonne, Hui, Ph.D. 803-216-3409  

Velazquez, Kandy, Ph.D.  803-216-3448