Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology


The curriculum comprises eighteen hours of graduate level courses taught by USC Columbia professors, health professionals and guidance counselors.These credit hours can be taken in one or two years. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better in order to continue in the program.Each semester, students are required to take six credit hours of core coursesThe core courses offered are as follows:
  • Molecular Biology (3hrs)
  • Biological Chemistry (3hr)
  • Physiology for Health Sciences (6hr)
In addition to these core courses, students will have the opportunity to choose one elective course for  credit per semester. The elective courses are as follows:
  • Neuroscience (3hr)
  • Histology (3hr)
  • Neoplasia (3hr)
  • Biochemistry of Metabolism (3hr)
  • Neurobiology: Physiology for Neurobiologists (2hr)
  • Medical Cell Biology (3hr)
  • Anatomy of the Head and Neck (3hr)
  • Medical Genetics for Health Professionals (3hr)
  • Human Anatomy (3hrs)
  • Immunology (3hrs)

In addition to the above coursework, there will be numerous opportunities to hear scientific seminars given by health professionals. There will also be seminars focused on application preparation that are intended to help students make their applications more competitive. There will be seminars from guidance counselors concerning interview strategies.