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Abstract Submission

ORAL presentations will be 10 min with 5 minutes allotted for questions. As Q&A is an important part of this meeting, please be sure not cut your Q&A time short by making an overly long presentation!

POSTERS will be posted the entire meeting. The formal poster presentations will occur during a 2 hr poster session on Thursday Nov. 14. Poster dimensions should be no more than 4 ft x 6ft, and smaller is usually a little more flexible with the space.

 Abstract Guidelines:

  • Abstract should be a succinct description of your work including an introduction of your research question, statement of hypothesis or purpose, approach, experimental results, and conclusions.
  • Please use a word processing program and then copy & paste your abstract text into the form. This should preserve any formatting.
  • Limit is 400 words for the body of the abstract text, excluding author and affiliation info.

Please fill out the fillable SERLC Abstract Submission Form (PDF) and EMAIL it to: Carole Oskeritzian

Abstract Deadline is September 27, 2013